Revival/Status Updates

News May 14, 2022

Our site went down at the end of 2021 due to cyber attacks that we weren't prepared for, but we're slowly rebuilding it!

If you'd like to see status updates as stuff comes back online, consider subscribing to our email list.

What's working?

  • The contact form is back up, you can use this link, or the one in the navigation menu.
  • The Newsletter signup is working, you can use this link, or the button in the bottom right corner .
  • The new Hotlines page is slowly getting more countries, you can access it here (or from the navigation menu).

What's coming?

  • We're slowly putting the resources page back together. To be honest, we've been looking for an excuse to restructure it for a while now, so we're gonna take a while for that.

What's gone for good?

  • All old subscribers no longer exist. If you were subscribed to our email list before January 2022, you'll need to sign up again.
  • All paid subscriptions for 2021 have been refunded. If you'd like to support us while we rebuild, you can subscribe for 3 dollars a month through the button in the bottom right corner.
  • All comments on old posts are gone, as are all the Commento accounts. We're looking at alternative comments systems that let you just use your newsletter subscription account rather than needing a separate one, but trying to integrate that across over a dozen of our sites is proving to be a massive headache, so stay tuned for updates about that.

What do I do in the meantime?

  • Consider checking out some of our other projects! We've been working on some cool stuff you might be interested in, and we finally build a proper homeworld for Heimdall. You can take a look at


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